Android Vulnerability affected Google Play Bouncer (Emulator)

Hi all,
I’d like to share a funny story with you.

I’ve discovered a vulnerability in Android which causes a possible memory corruption.
I think all android versions are affected by this vulnerability.
I successfully confirmed that it affects Android 4.2.2 , 4.3 and 2.3
I reported the vulnerability to Google Security and my report id is “67213”
Executing a malformed APK file triggers the vulnerability and it causes DoS and device becomes freezed.
I really didn’t want to cause any damage but I couldn’t stop my feelings and I wanted to test it on Google’s Android Bouncer by uploading the malformed APK to Google Play
Then I realized that it caused Denial of Service on Google Play!
Because I started to get some errors from Google Play!
After some google-ing , I see that many people couldn’t be able to upload their APPs to Google Play during my test!
I think it was probably because of testing my PoC exploit on Google Play
Here is a short info about the vuln :
The error that I get from Google Play after uploading my PoC exploit:

And some people who gets same error during my test:

P.S. sorry for poor english guys!!!


  1. Michel says:

    It’s nul, this article is full shit and don’t help for where you link this bad article …

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  3. habrahabr says:

    [recovery mode] Перебои в работе Google Play Developer Console

    Уже вторые сутки наблюдаются перебои в работе Google Play Developer Console в России и других странах

  4. Mami says:

    abi olmaz ki ya sen hekır biz daa eyctiemel/sieses çözmeye başlıyoz :d

  5. Mami says:

    Abi Ayyıldız Tim senden iyimi? Yada o ekibin içinde misin?

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